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Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic ,
Goal: $100,000
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Nearly three hundred children are enrolled in Outreach360 academic programs in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. The mission of Outreach360 is to provide opportunities for children to live a life of choice - to stay in school and graduate high school qualified to attend university, or to obtain gainful employment. The three hundred children enrolled in our programs are currently receiving English classes every day - either at John F. Kennedy School or the Salomon Jorge Learning Center. The children also receive additional educational opportunities during holiday weeks and the summer. 

The Outreach360 Education Fund provides the resources for these programs - curriculum, supplies, teaching staff, facilities, and field trips, as well as funds needed for our Dare to Dream Immersion Camps, and our Adelánte Work-Study program.  Please become an Education Fund sponsor today! 

All donations are tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers.  The Outreach360 501-C-3 federal tax identification number is 58-2197117.