Outreach360 Dare to Dream Walk/Hike - May 2016

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Goal: $20,000
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The Outreach360 Dare to Dream Walk/Hike is a world-wide hike organized by Outreach360 supporters.  Hikes will be happening in May throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world! Hikes can be short or long, easy or difficult, nature hikes or city hikes, historical hikes and landmark hikes. Pictures and video of each team at their final destination will be taken, shared on Outreach360 social media, and published in an event e-book!

You are invited to design a hike you would like to do,  create and edit a team page on this website, and invite friends and family to join you! Or join an already organized team! Or just make a donation!

Each hike is an opportunity to enjoy being outside, get some excercise, connect with friends and family, make new friends, and make a difference!

It's simple and easy!

To raise funds for Outreach360 educational programs in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.
Your event registration, donations, and fund-raising will support Outreach360 to fulfill its mission of enhancing the education of underserved children in Latin American to empower them to live a life of choice! 

The Month of May 2016

All are welcome!

The minimum registration fee is a $25 donation, which includes an Outreach360 performance tee-shirt to wear on the hike.  
Larger donations can be made when registering.  Each hiker will receive a personal fund-raising page, and is encouraged to share that page with family and friends, inviting them to make a difference with a financial donation. 


You are invited to make a difference by choosing one of the buttons at the upper right to:

  • "Create a Team" - Choose a hike location, create a team page, invite family and friends to join you on the hike or to make a financial donation.
  • "Join a Team" - Join an existing team, invite family and friends to contribute, and hike (or not). 
  • "Participate as an Individual" - Create your own hike and ask family and friends to donate.
  • "Donate Now" - Support an existing fund-raiser or team.



Questions and Answers

What is the role of a Team Captain?

The Team Captain decides on a hike route, start location and time, etc. He/she creates a team, and updates the Team Page with information about the hike. The Team Captain then invites friends and family to "Join the Team" or to donate to the team. Team Captains will be asked to send a photo of their hike to Outreach360 for inclusion in our social media and event e-book. 

Who can be a Team Captain?

Anyone willing to do the above can be a Team Captain. 

Does the Team Captain have to manage logistics like first aid kits, water, etc?  

No. When people register to participate on the hike, they will agree that this is a "personal fund-raiser" and that they are responsible for their own safety and health. 

What is the role of a Team Member?

All Team Members donate $25 as a minimum registration fee (like they would for a typical 10K run), and will receive an Outreach360 performance tee-shirt to wear on the hike. Team Members can donate more for their registration fee if they choose to.  Team Captains will  be responsible for communicating hike details to Team Members. Donors can donate any amount on a Team Members page. Team Members are encouraged to share their fund-raising page with family and friends, inviting them to make a donation. 

How will the funds be used? 

Funds will be used toward completing the construction of the Salomon Jorge Center in the Dominican Republic with classroom and dormitory space, and to begin the construction of the German Pomares "Cabbage Patch" Learning Center in Nicaragua. 

Does a Team Member or Team need to raise a certain amount of money? 

No. You can set your own goal. The system is defaulting to $200 for a Team Member and $1000 for a Team.  Those amounts can be changed. Challenge yourself! 

How will the funds be split between the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua?

Each fund-raiser will note if the funds he/she raises will go to the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua. 

Are the donations tax deductible? 

Donations are tax deductible for U.S. tax payers.  Donations are not tax deductible for Canadian tax payers as we are not a registered charity in Canada.    

Is it acceptable for a participant to donate the $25 registration fee, and not fund-raise?

Absolutely!  We are grateful for each participant that joins our efffort! And we hope to make it easy for each person to share what they are doing, and to encourage donations. This shoud be a fun event; no one should be stressed about fund-raising! 

Can I join a Team if I am not going on the hike? 

Yes! You will be a virtual hiker!  Perhaps you live a significant distance from the person who invites you to be on his/her team, or for whatever reason won't be doing the hike; you can still join the team and fundraise. You are encouraged to hike wherever you are, and send us a picture! 

What kinds of walks/hikes do you envision?

The walk/hike can be very flexible - a city hike or nature hike, a short hike or long hike. It's whatever the Team Captain creates. We encourage you to choose an interesting location, one with a view, historical signifcance, or that stands out in some other way. It makes it more interesting for your hikers, as well as creates a more interesting photo for our social media and event e-book. 

Can we raise more funds with a difficult hike? 

People will be donating to your efforts because they see your commitment to the cause, not because of the difficulty of the hike. So create a hike that is fun and intersting for you and your friends - maybe that's an easy hike, maybe a difficult one. 

As a Team Captain or individual Fund Raiser, can I create an event other than a hike? 

Yes! We chose to do walks/hikes for this event because they are very simple. There are minimal logistics, planning, and expense.  That said, if there is something you are passionate about and want to share with others as a fund-raiser, please do!  Please e-mail us your idea for review and approval - donor@outreach360.org.  Please no alchohol, gambling or raffles, or an event that requires a financial investment - i.e. a black tie party, etc. 

Fast Start Scholarship Credit

To thank supporters who register early, Outreach360 will provide the following scholarship credits:

Is  there any acknowledgement for the top fund-raisers?

The teams who raise the most construction funds will be acknowledged with the following credit toward a future Outreach360 trip's minimum program donation:

  • First Place: $2000
  • Second Place: $1500
  • Third Place: $1000
  • Fourth Place: $500
  • Fifth Place: $250

The top five fund-raisers (individuals or members of a team) will be acknowledged with the following credit toward a future Outreach360 trip's minimum program donation:

  • First Place: $1000
  • Second Place: $800
  • Third Place: $600
  • Fourth Place: $400
  • Second Place: $200

Pictures of the top three teams and the top three fund-raisers that raise the most construction funds for each country will be mounted at that country's learning center. 



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