Construction Fund - Dominican Republic

Benefiting: Outreach360
Hosted by:Outreach360
Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic ,
Goal: $240,000
$41,051 4 17% Complete

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We invite you to join the Outreach360 Hero Circle and begin raising funds for the Salomon Jorge Learning Center in Monte Cristi.  Just click on the green "BECOME A FUNDRAISER" button above, set a fund-raising goal, and invite your friends and family to make a difference with you! Or, click on the blue "DONATE NOW" button, to make a personal donation.

Outreach360 is a grass-roots volunteer organization that works to transform the lives of children living in economically disadvantaged areas by providing them with critical educational opportunities. Since 1994, over 16,000 volunteers have joined us and our vision of providing children with a life of choice. Drawing strength from the experience, diversity, talents and resources of our volunteers we promote innovative education as a solution to the challenges of poverty and as a sustainable path to a life of choice.

A critical resource are the facilities where our volunteers teach and live.  The Salomon Jorge Learning Center provides classroom space for our students, as well as living accommodations for volunteers. The Salomon Jorge Learning Center Construction Fund is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1 - Building and land purchase $240,000.
  • Phase 2 - Complete roof to provide an additional 2,200 square feet of classroom space and 3,800 square feet of multi-use space $150,000.
  • Phase 3 - Complete infrastructure improvements to kitchen and laundry, and add 4,000 additional square feet of dormitory space for families and volunteer teams $240,000.
  • Total: $630,000

Please join the Outreach360 Hero Circle by becoming a fund-raiser, or make a personal donation.  All donations are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers. The Outreach360 Federal Tax ID # is 58-2197227. 

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